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Sleep: Requiem Series, Part 1

Ten years ago, Rosavine fell, and the age of Kinetic Soldiers began. They were once known as Avyars, a subspecies of humans with advantageous genetic trademarks: pupilless eyes, massive feathered wings, hollow bones, and, most importantly, a selective form of telekinesis. But ten years of torture and training have turned the survivors of Rosavine into the deadliest weapons in the world.

They are now super soldiers with super powers, and every single one of them is under the command of Dr. James Traytitar. Arariel is one of Traytitar’s finest specimens. Born with both aero- and hydrokinesis and now one of the most powerful Soldiers ever documented, she has etched her name across the New City in blood and destruction, but it has all been done at the bidding of others.

Above all else, Arariel aims to protect those closest to her—the teammates who have become her surrogate family—and she will stop at nothing to keep them safe and secure. Now, history is about to repeat itself because of forces beyond Arariel’s control. It is only a matter of time before a spark hits the powder keg. The only question is—who will be the one to light this fire?